Artist Photograph Karen Klugman
Photo by Alonzo Wilhelm, age 3

I have enjoyed several different careers — systems programming, photography and math teaching, arts administration —and loved them all. When I retired, I was surprised at how easily accepted the loss of a professional identity. For the first time in my life, I took the time to follow through on my curiosity. I became the student that not even students have time to be.

Having always eschewed book learning in favor of learning by doing, I photograph to learn about people and places and I write to figure out what I honestly think. Would I be happy to just take pictures and write for myself? No. The photography and writing are carefully constructed so that hopefully you will see the world as I have seen it. We are in this together.

To maintain a fresh perspective, I practice yoga and take daily walks in the woods with my dog. Both highly recommended. Carpe Diem!